NRS Tack Two Tone Latigo Lined Single Ear Headstall with Brown Stitching

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  • NRS Tack
  • Two Toned Single Ear and Bit Ends
  • Harness Leather and Latigo Lined for longevity
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Brown Double Stitched
  • Made in the USA

This Single Ear Headstall is great quality with great details. We have lined this harness headstall with latigo leather as latigo leather can take sweat from your horse much easier than harness leather where a lot of sweat clogs the pores of the leather and will cause the leather to break down quicker if not conditioned. We also double stitched this headstall to keep "body" in the headstall, we used brown stitching for a unique one of a kind look. Finally we turned the bit ends to the outside showing the latigo lining and matching it with the single stitched latigo slide ear to give a two tone look!