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NRS by Dutton Twisted Sweet Iron D-Ring Snaffle Bit Bridle Set

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  • This offset 3/8” Twisted Sweet Iron and Copper Dee Ring bit is great for starting young horses. Ridges in the twisted wire encourage horses in training to not brace against the rider’s hands. Plus, the sweet iron will promote salivation, thus enhancing the taste of the bit to the horse.
  •  The oiled harness leather headstall comes equipped with a browband, solid brass hardware and a stitched brow piece for extra durability. Riding with a browband promotes balance by applying the same amount of pressure on either side of the horse’s poll versus a split ear.
  •  8 foot long, 5/8” Oiled Harness Leather Split Reins are also included in this set. These reins are slightly weighted at the end for the correct feel.
  •  A nylon braided bit hobble is also included to help keep the rings of the snaffle from sliding into the horse’s mouth. Since a snaffle bit does not induce chin pressure, a curb strap or chain is not necessary.
  • NRS-43-43-BB-SR

Whether you’re training young horses or looking for a bit to keep older horses tuned up and responsive to cues, the dee ring snaffle is a versatile choice that every horseman or woman needs in their tack room. So what sets this bit apart from other snaffles? The sweet iron and copper cause the horse to salivate, thus making them likely to accept the bit more easily. NRS is also offering this bit as part of an exclusive bit, headstall and reins package. The leather tack accompanying the bit is made of premium harness leather, which we source from a small tack shop right here in the U.S. Detail is important to us here at NRS. From the browband to the bit tie ends, which are looped three times for additional security, every piece of this set has been carefully thought out to provide you, the customer, with the greatest quality possible.

NRS has partnered with Dutton Bits and Spurs to help simplify your bridle shopping. From the bit to the headstall, reins and curb strap, we’ve put together a packaged deal that ends up saving you, the customer, money. Now you can have your cake and eat it too, or in this case have your bit and bridle set to match. All headstalls and reins are made of premium harness leather, meaning they’re built to last. We’ve also selected a broad range of bits to feature in these packages. From dee ring snaffles to solid ports, we understand the importance of having different bits in your tack room to help train and maintain your horse’s abilities.