Molly Powell Large Sweet Iron Port Chain Horse Bit

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Style #: MP309

  • 7" Cheek
  • 5 1/4" Mouth
  • 1 3/4" Port
  • For Mature Competition Horses
  • 1" Gag Action
  • "No Pinch" Ball Hinge
  • Medium to Maximum Control
  • MP309

7" Cheek 5-1/4" Mouth. Port height is 1-3/4". This bit is designed for the mature competition horse. 1" gag action with new "no pinch" ball hinge. Primarily used to lift head and shoulders for control in speed events. This bit will give you the option to pull on your horse a little more while asking him to turn a bigger pattern. It also adds to the willingness of the horse to use their hind end. MEDIUM TO MAXIMUM CONTROL Lifetime Guarantee