MLS #26 Cattle Show Tub 25lb

by Mls
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Style #: MLS2625

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  • Highly Palatable to keep cattle bene?tting from supplemental nutrients during periods of high stress and travel
  • Zinpro Availa® 4 Trace Minerals for enhanced immune function and improved performance
  • CELMANAX™ SCP technology as a multifunction prebiotic additive that offers numerous health benefits
  • Contains Aspergillus Oryzae, Sel-Plex® and garlic for multiple performance bene?ts
  • Help Maintain cattle on feed when exposed to travel and unfamiliar surroundings
  • 25lb
  • MLS2625

Tub Management Guidelines

Expected Intake: 0.25-0.50 lb per head per day

Offer one, 200 lb tub per 25-35 head of cattle initially, adjust number if needed

This product sheet is intended to provide feeding guidelines

Always read and follow product label directions