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Men's Twisted X All Around Taupe Cowboy Boots

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Style #: MABW001

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  • Taupe Cowhide Vamp
  • 11" Taupe Top
  • Pull Holes
  • Breathable Air Mesh Lining
  • Round Toe
  • SD Footbed
  • XSD Insole
  • EVA Midsole
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Waterproof
  • All Around
  • Red Buckle Collection
  • MABW001

Twisted X Red Buckle Collection includes a wide range of footwear, from boots to casuals.  All Red Buckle Collection styles are constructed with lighter weight materials and components to accentuate comfort. 

The All Around line from the Twisted X Red Buckle Collection is designed specifically for barn use.  These boots are great for mucking stalls and washing horses.  Extremely comfortable and great for any outdoor activity.  This boot features a breathable air mesh lining, round toe, SD Footbed, XSD insole and a rubber outsole. 

Twisted X SD Footbed is a moisture wicking, antibacterial, and machine washable cushioned footbed.  XSD Insole is patent pending one-piece insole with injected composite X shank for maximum stability.  Twisted X is dedicated to making better boots.  Twisted X boots use newer technology, stronger and lighter weight components, and new tanning processes, as well as newer and more consistent manufacturing techniques.  Twisted X technology gives you more durable, stable, light weight, breathable, and comfortable boots.