Men's Tony Lama Tuskey Brown 11in. Pebble Brown Top Square Toe Boot

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  • Men's 
  • Tony Lama
  • Pebble Brown 
  • 11" Tuskey Brown Top
  • Walking Heel 
  • Cowhide Lined
  • Double Stitched Welt
  • Removable Insole
  • TPU Performance Outsole
  • WIde Square Toe 
  • XT5107

  The 11”  Pebble Brown Boot from the TLX Performance collection features a cool crushed turquoise blue upper on a contrasting blonde foot. This hardworking boot is designed for a comfortable fit with a ChannelFlex™ insole and flexible square toe design. The removable PerfX™ insert with Dri-Freeze® provides comfort and moisture-management underfoot, and the new performance outsole delivers the durable traction you need.