Men's Tin Haul Sharky Cowboy Boots

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Style #: 14-020-0011-0700

  • Sharky
  • 13" Distressed Brown Top
  • Sanded Camo Shark Vamp
  • Tin Haul Anvil Embroidered Top
  • Bomb Obvious Sole
  • Single Stitch Welt
  • Cutter Toe
  • Underslung Riding Heel
  • Cushioned Insoles
  • Leather Lined
  • Dependable Patent Outsole Rubber Sole with No Slip Technology
  • 14-020-0011-0700

Beware - these bold Tin Haul Sharky Boots are sure to make a gnarly impression! These traditional and stylish boots are a great mix of contemporary style and western flair. The sanded camo leather vamp with cutouts in a design that resembles a sharks open mouth under an 13" Tin Haul Anvil embroidered distressed brown leather top. These boots also feature detailed scallop design, cushioned insoles, leather lining, underslung riding heel, single stitch welt, and cutter toe. The obvious soles showcases a Tin Haul Sharky bomb topped with a army pin-up style Tin Haul girl, finished with a military Tin Haul logo.

Tin Haul Boots are designed to shake up your wardrobe. The contemporary take on cowboy boots, Tin Haul incorporates traditional features like a broad square toe, double stitch welt, walking heel, leather lining, and cushioned insoles. Tin Haul was created for those that wear their metal as badges of honor - what is your metal? What better way than to wear your metal and to show off your style every time you put your feet up on the stool.