Men's Anderson Bean Ride Ready Rust Burnished Crazy Horse 13in. Green

Men's Anderson Bean Ride Ready Rust Burnished Crazy Horse 13in. Green Velvet Kidskin Top

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Style #: 321610

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  • Men's 
  • Anderson Bean
  • Ride  Ready 
  • Rust Burnished Crazy Horse 
  • 13" Green Velvet Kidskin Top 
  • Square Toe 
  • Neo Midsole
  • F1 Outsole 
  • Cushion Insole
  • Pull Tabs
  • Double Stiched Wetl
  • Walking Heel 
  • 321610

 The boot team at NRS teamed up with Anderson Bean to design a line of boots that are ready to ride. These boots are built to endure countless hours in the saddle and are equipped with the little things a serious rider demands in their boots. All NRS Ride Ready boots have a neoprene midsole for added support, stability in the stirrup, and increased integrity of the leather outsole. We also upgraded from the traditional hybrid sole to a clear F1 hybrid sole for added durability without jeopardizing the rider's ability to have proper foot placement in the stirrup. High on our priority list was to provide our customer with a boot that had an honest spur rest. Every pair of the NRS Ride Ready boots have a generous spur rest that is sufficient for its purpose yet not overdone. All spur rests are covered with a plastic spur rand creating the optimal platform for the spur. The plastic spur rand also protects the leather heel from breaking down. All heels are nailed on for added toughness.