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Mary Meyer FabFuzz Pearl Fawn

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  • Mary Meyer
  • FabFuzz
  • Pearl Fawn
  • 7"
  • 59103

 Our Winter Friends have something for everyone– from the quiet sweetness of our fawns, to the fuzziness of Alabaster Raccoon, to the flight of fantasy that is Magnifique Unicorn. These designs are all about warm hearts and warm hugs when it’s chilly out.


Outfitted in her winter whites and metallic gold accents, Pearl curls up like any adorable, sleeping fawn.


– 7″ long

– Structured body, perfect for little hands

– Snow white plush with airbrushed tail and ears

– Metallic flecked nose, hooves, and spots

– Embroidered sleepy eyes and fabric nose

– Coordinates with the rest of the Winter Friends collection

– Beans in body for weight and floppiness

– Machine wash, air dry


Here’s why we love our Winter Friends:

– Enchanted forest full of magical designs

– Elegant, unique fabrics and sophisticated designs

– Keepsake gifts that come out every holiday season