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Martin Crown C Barrel Saddle Chestnut Roughout with Buckstitch

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Sheri Cervi teamed up with Martin Saddlery to design the Crown C Barrel Racer. The Crown C's specific design helps barrel racers maintain proper body position and stability during a run. It employs attributes that aid barrel racers in absorbing those quick jarring movements common with today's faster, more athletic barrel horses. When championships are determined by hundredths f a second, the Crown C gives riders a competitive advantage that truly makes a difference in their performance. This is a beautiful barrel saddle with roughout to help with grip and buckstitching for a throwback style! This saddle features a shortened seat jockey which increases rider stability without hindering her freedom to stand up and sit down. The forward angled stirrups help keep the rider's feet in front of her center of balance for better body position in the turns. Though the stirrups are angled forward, they are designed to give the rider a full range of motion to cue the horse as needed. Straight up and down saddle horn allows the rider to brae and support her body without losing balance. The horn cap is shaped to fit perfectly in the riders palm, accommodating added support and comfort for those who prefer to grab he top of the horn.Gullet Width: 7" Gullet Height: 8.25" Cantle Height: 4" Horn Height: 3" Horn Cap: 2"