Breast Collar Tug Skirting 3/4x27

Breast Collar Tug Skirting 3/4x27

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  • Martin Saddlery
  • Breastcollar Tug
  • 3/4" x 27"
  • Skirting Leather
  • TUGS24



Martin "The company cowboys keep"

Martin Breastcollar Tug Skirting Leather 24"

Martin Saddlery prides itself on the intricate detail andcraftsmanship employed to create beautiful, durable products. Theleather goods produced by Martin Saddlery utilize the finest rawmaterials, ensuring endurance and dependability without sacrificingfashion or tradition. Martin Saddlery has made great strides in thescience of saddle fit and tree design. In 2003, in an effort to build abetter-fitting saddle that would accommodate more of today’s equineathletes, Martin Saddlery began building and designing trees that trulymade a difference in the performance and longevity of the horse. Today,Martin Saddlery is known for working with trusted, respectedprofessionals and trainers to help make a difference in their horses.Along with providing a better fitting tree, Martin is also dedicated toeducate all the horse owners on how to recognize the effects of anill-fitting saddle and how to properly fit a saddle.

It isEquibrand’s goal to support every individual who strives to be the bestat what they do with a horse. Members of the horse world share anunspoken bond. They come from different backgrounds and differentplaces, but the one thing they share in common is the love of theirhorses and the satisfaction of getting to the pay window. Equibrand vowsto stay novel and always progressive, striving to constantly improvethe products we offer, always working to help you accomplish your goals. your world for all things western.