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Lucas Metal Works The Ground Hog Arena Tool 8' Blue

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  • 8' Model Width
  • 8 Rippers
  • 8" Hog Blade Height
  • 23 Harrow Teeth, 2-Rows
  • 7" Hog Roller Diameter
  • 6' L x 8.6' W x 3.5' H
  • 50-60 HP - Recommended Horsepower
  • Blue
  • Avaliable Watering System sold separately
  • GH-2

The Ground Hog Arena Tool enables arena owners and rodeo event dirtcrews to not only rework the surface with the unit’s hydraulicallyoperated ripper shanks but also fill in the holes that are dug byperformance horses. This is accomplished with the unit’s double graderblades, which allow for dirt to be carried by the unit and evenlydistributed throughout the arena. Allowing for the unit’s peggedfinishing roller to flawlessly compact and finish the ground safely forthe horse and rider. The Ground Hog Arena Tool is available in sevendifferent versatile sizes for both category 1 and category 2 tractors.See therecommended horsepower chart for what size of unit works bestwith your tractor and arena.

Designed by Lucas Metal Works founder Raymond Lucas, and arena owner,The Ground Hog is built for tough service and top performance. It isperfect for arenas, driveways, training tracks, construction sites,landscaping, pastures and many other applications. The Ground Hog workson dirt, sand, gravel and clay and is the best all around tool for arenaand round pen dirt. The Ground Hog uses its rippers to bust the ground,its hog blades to smooth the ground, and finally The Ground Hogpulverizes the ground with its hog roller for the ultimate finish.