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Tommy Blessing Large Port Chain Bit

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Style #: NRSTB09

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    • Large Port Chain
    • 7.5" Shank
    • 9.5" Cheek
    • Antique Brown Finish
    • Engraved Silver Cheeks and Shanks
    • NRSTB09

    With the help of Tommy Blessing, we have taken the best selling NRS stainless chain bit designed and built by Tommy and developed a silver line with the same 3 original mouthpieces on 3 new cheeks. All have an antique brown finish with engraved silver trim. S-style cheek. Engraved silver bars along the cheek with a silver concho at the mouthpiece. This bit has a longer purchase than the typical s-shank giving a different balance point. The feel and control for the rider that is achieved, along with the comfort for the horse, all combine to make a very effective bit. All cheeks are available in the plain chain, medium ported chain and high wide ported chain mouths. Each bit includes curb chain and a rubber washer on each side of the mouth piece to help prevent pinching. Imported.