Jim Edwards Flat Correctional Full Ring Gag

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Style #: JEBF3

  • Jim Edwards
  • Full Ring
  • Non-Palate Pressure
  • Flat Correctional Mouthpiece
  • Mild Steel
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all Mouthpieces
  • Non palate pressure mouthpieces are under 2" in height and provide ample amount of tongue relief without interfering with the roof of the mouth.
  • With non-palate pressure bits, the shank gives the rider leverage and the mouthpiece applies the pressure.
  • All pressure response in non-palate pressure mouthpieces focuses on the edges of the horse's tongue.
  • This type of pressure provides the horse with a direct cue
  • JEBF3

 "What I have done is design bits strictly from the horse's point of view. My bits respect the horse's innate triggers and instinctive responses to pain and pressure. By taking the horse's point of view as the only consideration for over 25 years, I was able to develop a complete line for all stages of training in every discipline" -Jim Edwards