Honor Show Chow Poultry Grow/Finish

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  • Purina
  • Nutritionally Complete Feed - Provides all the essential nutrients to develop
  • Broilers from 22 days to finish
  • Turkeys from 15 weeks to finish
  • Amino Acid Balance - Allows birds to achieve their full genetic potential
  • Helps develop excellent feathering
  • Necessary Levels of Fat and Energy
  • Prevents sorting – assures consistent nutrient intake
  • Reduces feed wastage
  • Probiotics and Yeast Extracts - Supports immune and digestive health
  • Medicated (Amprolium) - Aids in the prevention of coccidiosis, no withdrawal time required
  • Pellet
  • 50 lbs.
  • 3003961-206
  • A nutritionally complete and balanced ration for growing broilers from 22 days to finish and turkeys from 15 weeks to finish. This 22% protein diet is designed to finish the development of chickens and turkeys to their full genetic potential for shows. Honor® Show Chow® Poultry Grow-Fin can be preceded by Honor® Show Chow® Poultry Prestarter and Honor® Show Chow® Poultry Starter to prepare birds for show. Honor® Show Chow® Poultry Grow-Fin is supported by Purina’s knowledge, experience and research.