Healthy Glo Meal 40lb Bag

Healthy Glo Meal 40lb Bag

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  • Healthy Glo
  • Hi Fat Supplement
  • 14% Protein
  • 25% Fat
  • No More than 8% Crude Fiber
  • 81086AAA15

Use this premium hi fat supplement to "safely" increase energy density of the diet for increased workloads or to add body condition to thin horses. It has a unique combination of fat and oils and is a highly digestible energy sorce that may lower the following in comparison to feeding a large amount of grain:

  • Grain-high? disposition
  • Risk of digestive disorders such as tying-up, founder, colic
  • Thermal load (less thermal load means your horse will have better stamina and endurance)

This supplement will contribute to hair coat shinand "bloom" and has a longer shelf life/ It contains predominately Omega Flax which supplies Omega-3 essential fatty acids and stabilized rice bran for more entergy per pound compated to grain.�

It's powerful antioxidants and natural source vitamin E provides better bioavailability compared with sunthetic citamin E. This is needed for protection against oxidative tissue damage and immune sustem function. This also may be especially important for working horses due to the rise of exercise-induced muschle damage.

Healthy Glo is comprised of a caompletely hypoallergenic protein which is less likely to cause allergic skin reactions sometimes seen in horses who are sensitve to protein. This supplement is a rich source of B-complex vitamins and has no preservatives.