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GastroEase EQ Rescue

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    •  Perfect Products
    • Acid neutalizer
    • Probiotics and prebiotics for GI flora
    • Gastric lining support
    • Hindgut support
    • Great for use before stressful situations or horses showing signs of gastric distress
    • Also available in daily powder
    • 60cc
    • GEPAST60

    GastroEase EQ supports both the foregut and hindgut as it addresses the effects of stress, minimizes acid levels, and allows your horse to gain maximum benefit from his nutritional intake.

    Suggested Use:

    GastroEase Rescue Paste Preventative use: Feed 30cc (one half oral syringe) to 60cc (one full oral syringe) per day during stressful situations. Ideal to administer while tacking up before performance or training. For horses in gastric distress: Feed 60cc immediately. Repeat in 90 minutes if condition persists. All horses in gastric distress should receive prompt veterinary attention. Flows best at room temperature. GastroEase EQ is also available in powder form.

    Tips for Best Results:

    GastroEase EQ is great to use alongside UlcerGard and GastroGard (medications that your vet may prescribe). GastroEase EQ may be used continually afterwards to maintain digestive support.