Four Oaks Farm Ventures Canine Hot Spot Relief 1.25 oz.

Four Oaks Farm Ventures Canine Hot Spot Relief 1.25 oz.

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  • NT Canine
  • Treats Hot Spots and Ear Discharge
  • Powder not Liquid
  • No stains, no fuss
  • All-Natural and non-toxic
  • Combination of Clays, Diatomaceous Earth, Copper Salts and Oregano Powder
  • Designed to naturally attack bacteria as well as dry, firm and aide in healing bacerial infections
  • Also use to firm up abraded, tender pads due to excessive wear and tear and bacterial buildup.
  • All ingredients are Food-Grade, however NT Canine has a bitter taste which tends to discourage excessive licking
  • DTT80

Click on the photos below to see how NT Canine powder is used, and see why it is so much easier and cleaner to use than the creams, sprays and drops of yesteryear. 

There are hundreds of reasons why hot spots show up. Sometimes it is as simple as an allergic reaction to flea bites. We've also seen bee stings, spider bites and even ants start the chain reaction. Of course a food reaction or immune system weakness can also cause problems. Again, just like humans, there can be countless factors and causes.