Weaver Leather Fashion Goat Collar

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Style #: 80-1099

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  • Weaver Leather
  • Oil rubbed 10" bronze chain with snaps
  • Measures 24" overall
  • 1" width is easy to grasp
  • Beading or Embossed with fashionable patterns
  • 24"
  • 80-1099

Take things up a notch in the ringwiththese collars that will have yourfellowshowmen running out to get their own. Oil rubbed 10" bronzechain withsnaps. Measures 24" overall length and the 1" width is easyto grasp.

Weaver Leather Livestock's Promise

Over 40 years of manufacturing experience has taught us a thing ortwo about consistentlyproducingproductsdowntothelastdetail.You’ll findonlythefinestmaterials,skilledAmericanworkmanshipandfinishingtouchesforyears ofdependableperformanceandunparalleledquality thatwillhaveyoucomingbackagain andagain.

That quality is a part of our heritage, part ofour future andendures in our commitment to yoursuccessasashowmanandinlife.