Lambert Kay Dyne High Calorie Liquid for Horses Gallon

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Dyne High Calorie Liquid for Horses, 128 ounces provides approximately 174 calories per ounce and contains vitamins to give additional support to horses when given as a supplement to their regular diet. Dyne is formulated to contain a maximum of nutritive value in a minimum of liquid volume.  Dyne supplies added calories to aid in weight gain or to resist stress conditions. The palatable, highly concentrated source of food energy in Dyne has been proven to be of value in many different stress related conditions including: underweight, pregnant or lactating horses, stress, dehydrated or geriatric horses.  Dyne may be fed as is to animals that are unable to eat or top dressed over the animal's feed. When diluted with water it can be used to combat dehydration.  Dyne has a delicious vanilla flavor that horses loves so it encourages them to consume Dyne and their food when it is poured over their food.  Not recommended for cats and kittens.  Proudly Made In the USA