Durvet Naturals Remedies 3-in-1 Oatmeal Plus Shampoo 17oz

Durvet Naturals Remedies 3-in-1 Oatmeal Plus Shampoo 17oz

by Durvet
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  • Oatmeal- for itchy, inflamed skin
  • PLUS neem oil- aids flea and tick skin irritaion
  • PLUS baking soda- soothes and deodorizes
  • Safe, gentle & effective- no soaps or alcohol
  • Botanical formula
  • Deep cleansing & soothing
  • Compatible with flea and tick control products
  • Natural & Nontoxic- no detergent
  • Pleasing fresh scent
  • Earth friendly- 100% biodegradable and container is 100% recyclable
  • For Use On: Dogs and Cats over 12 Weeks of Age
  • 17oz
  • DT038

Oatmeal soothes, Neem oil aids in flea and tick skin irritation and baking soda deodorizes. For dogs & cats over 12 weeks of age. Durvet Naturals Remedies shampoo products are plant based and contain nosoap or detergents. The products are comprised of botanical formulasand are gentle, non-stripping and non-toxic. The line is designed tocleanse skin, coat and ears and also alleviate basic skin and coatissues. All products are safe to use with topical or ingested flea andtick control products.

Quick relief. Relieves itchy, sensitive skin causedby allergies to flea and tick bites, grass or food allergies.Desensitizes and soothes inflamed skin.

Deep cleansing & soothing. Creates a rich natural lather that cleans and moisturizes the skin and repairs the coat.

Compatible. May be used with topical or ingested flea and tick control products.

Nonstripping. Protects the natural moisturizing oils in your pet's skin.

Nontoxic. Botanically formulated without soap ordetergent. Detergent-based shampoo can be absorbed into your pet'ssystem, causing toxic reactions.

Healthful. Promotes healthy skin and leaves soft, silky sheen.

FOR USE ON: Dogs and Cats over 12 weeks of age.

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, Concentrated,coconut-based surfactant blend, Pureneem oil, Hydrolyzed oat proteins, Aloe vera, Kiwi extract, Almond oil,Blend of cherry and botanical extracts, Vitamins A,D & E. EGDS,Glycerin, Sodium bicarbonate/baking soda, Glyceryl stearate, EDTA,Yellow #5, FD & C Red #1, Proprietary blend of coat and skinmoisturizers, DMDH hydantoin.

Shampoo contains no alcohol, detergent, soap or animal by-products.

DIRECTIONS: Apply shampoo liberally through pet’s dry coat. Wet coat with enoughwater to work shampoo into a rich lather from head to hindquarters. Addmore shampoo if needed. Let stand approximately 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly until water is free of suds. For best results, repeat process on wet coat.

Between baths. Between bathing use 3-in-1 Oatmeal Plus Mist to soothe irritation and promote healing.

Safety first. For external use on pets only. Keep out of your pet’s eyes. Please store safely away from children.