Double J Saddlery Chocolate Roughout Tooled Cheek with Turquoise Stitching Browband Headstall

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  • Double J Saddlery
  • Chocolate Roughout
  • Tooled Cheek
  • Turquoise Stitching
  • Browband Headstall
  • Made in Texas
  • H942A

Double J Saddlery Chocolate Roughout Tooled Cheek with Turquoise Stitching Browband Headstall, H942A

"Double J Saddlery has been in operation since 1991. Our familyrepresents 3 generations of handmade excellence in Yoakum, Texas. Webuild custom saddles and some great looking tack, belts, and personalaccessories in our factory in Yoakum, Texas. We are blessed to beassociated with many skilled craftsmen and women. Their strong workethic, and a shared commitment to quality, enable us to produce asuperior product. We use only the best raw materials available ineverything we build. We even build our saddle trees in our factory.We've developed a state of the art saddle tree manufacturing system.Each saddle tree is individually made to rigid specifications forquality and fit. We use Herman Oak® skirting leather, and customdesigned stainless steel hardware. Our company is founded on the beliefthat only by using quality materials can we produce a quality product.One of our strongest assets is that we use what we make. We ridevirtually every day, and compete on a national level in our chosendiscipline of team roping. In addition, our people are involved inbarrel racing, cutting, and western pleasure, and we are associated withpeople who make a living working cattle on horseback here in SouthTexas. As you can see, product research and development is a verypersonal commitment. We also do not underestimate the value of lookinggood when we are competing. Check with us often for new and excitingproducts for you and your horse that, offering the highest level ofdurability and beauty available today."