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Dennis Moreland Narrow High Port 6 1/2

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Style #: DM-4-4B

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  • Dennis Moreland
  • Narrow High Port
  • 6 1/2" Shanks
  • Angle of shanks allow for easy carry by horse
  • Great choice when you need more response than from a shorter C style shank
  • High grade 4130 steel
  • Copper strips to promote salivation and comfort
  • Silver is hand engraved
  • DM-4-4B

Theangle of the shanks make this a particularly easy bit for the horse tocarry and gives the horse time to respond after the reins are adjusted(pulled) before the mouthpiece makes contact with the sides of mouth,tongue and roof of the mouth, and the headstall crown piece makescontact with the poll, and the curb strap makes contact with the chin.This is a great shank if you require a little more response than you aregetting with a shorter C style shank.Dennis Moreland Solid Shank Steel Bits with Silver are designed by horsemen and made of high grade 4130 steel. Mouthpieces have copper strips to promote salivation which makes the bit more comfortable in the horses mouth. Nickelsilver is overlaid on the shanks of these horse bits. The silver ishand engraved. The bits look beautiful riding the trails or in the showpen.