Classic Ropes Synthetic Roping Glove

by Classic
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Style #: CSYNGL1

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  • Classic Ropes
  • Roping Glove
  • Synthetic
  • Ergonomic Cut
  • Made of Spandex/Neoprene Combination
  • Amara Synthetic Leather Palm
  • Burn Resistant where Rope Runs

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This ClassicRopes Synthetic Roping Glove has an optimum fit and comfort thatdoesn't fatigue your hand. The body and top of the fingers have anergonomic cut and are made of a spandex/neoprene combination. The palmand bottom of the fingers are Amara synthetic leather, which offers thetoughness of leather without hardening after getting wet. Burn-resistantmaterial is added where your rope runs to increase durability. Cuffsare adjustable for a perfect fit. Color: Navy.

In 1986 in Granbury,Texas, Classic Rope started as one of the first companies to devise andperfect machine manufacturing of the lariat rope. Countless hours werespent formulating rope components that could withstand all types ofroping conditions, both indoor and outdoor. Initially founded for thesole purpose of supporting the event of team roping, Classic was able tooffer a consistent structure and sensitive feel in their ropes like noothers on the market. Because of its quality and appeal, Classic Ropequickly became the leading rope manufacturer that professionals grew todepend on, and still use and trust today. As Classic Rope surpassed itsown horizon, new innovations unfolded and the next generation ofcompanies developed. In 1995, Classic Equine began by specializing inhigh quality saddle pads and quickly expanded with more product linesoffering the same attention to quality and durability. The currentproduct offering now includes protective boots, cinches, bits, spurs,winter blankets and sheets, and accessories. Classic Equine has alwaysworked closely with professional men and women from all disciplines ofthe western industry to test and perfect each product duringdevelopment. Because the company was founded and developed byprofessionals, the form and function of each product serves a specificpurpose. The driving purpose<