Classic Equine Turquoise Slab ClassicFit Front Boots 2 Pack

by Classic
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Style #: CF10020TS

  • Classic Equine
  • ClassicFit Front Bootsw
  • 2 Pack
  • Suspensory Sling Angled to Ensure Lower Limb Support
  • Clean, Clost Fit w/Bound Edges
  • Lightweight 
  • Neoprene Body w/Shock Absorbing Inner Pad
  • Laminated Jersey Lining
  • Turquoise Slab Pattern
  • CF10020TS

  The Classic Equine ClassicFit boots offer the same support as more expensive boots, but with a slimmer fit and lighter feel. The unique suspensory sling is positioned for correct angle alignment to ensure lower limb support. Ergonomic design provides a clean, close fit with bound edges to keep out dirt and debris. Lightweight to allow natural movement with support and flexibility. Neoprene body and shock absorbing inner pad reduces shock from impact. Laminated jersey lining is comfortable and does not rub, bunch, or fold.