Classic Equine STALLSHROUD 20in. Automatic Watering System | Classic | NRS

Classic Equine STALLSHROUD 20in. Automatic Watering System

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  • Measures 20" Tall
  • Fully Insulated Casing
  • Shroud attaches to the bottom of STALLFOUNT (as pictured)

Classic Equine - A Fresh Idea On Watering

STALL SHROUD is a STALLFOUNT accessory. Durable, fully insulated casing designed to protect the water line below your StallFount against freezing and animal abuse. Eight anchor bolts for secure installation. Available in 20” height for smaller animals or 30” for horses over 15 hands. Full 10 year warranty.

Classic Equine knows horses and horse people. Ritchie invented automatic watering. Together they have designed the watering solutions you've bee waiting for. Classic Equine by Ritchie makes automatic watering the only way to go for the ease of horse owners and the health of horses.