Classic Equine Diamond Small Twisted Wire Long Shank Bit

by Classic
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Style #: BBIT3LSG24SS

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  • Classic Equine
  • Sherri Cervi Signature Bit Collection
  • Small Twisted Wire Dogbone Snaffle Mouthpiece
  • Long Shank
  • Gag Bit
  • More Leverage
  • Maintain Rate and Body Position

Classic Equine Bits. Train. Compete. Win. This Classic Equine Twisted Wire Long Shank Gag is a bit with a longer shank, so it will give you more leverage to maintain rate and body position in turns with speed. In 1995, Classic Equine began by specializing in high quality saddle pads and quickly expanded with more product lines offering the same attention to quality and durability. The current product offering now includes protective boots, cinches, bits, spurs, winter blankets and sheets, and accessories. Classic Equine has always worked closely with professional men and women from all disciplines of the western industry to test and perfect each product during development. Because the company was founded and developed by professionals, the form and function of each product serves a specific purpose. The driving purpose of Classic Equine has always been to offer the highest quality products available, keeping the performance horse’s safety and well-being first and foremost in mind.