Classic Denim Legacy2 Hind Splint Boots

by Classic
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  • Classic Equine
  • Hind Boots
  • Limited Edition Denim
  • Made of 100% virgin neoprene that provides four-way stretch for ultimate flexibility
  • Suspensory rib ensures proper boot alignment
  • Perforated body allows heat to escape and the leg to breathe
  • Shock absorbing splint pad guards against crossfire and other scalping injuries
  • Hook-and-loop closures with elastic reinforcement 
  • Soft lycra inner layer cleans easily and dries quickly
  • Exclusive Cradle Fetlock System provides maximum support to the fetlock
  • Tough, elastic exterior fabric extends to the base of the boot t
  • Bound edges help keep dire and debris out
  • CLS202DN


 The Legacy2 Fetlock Cradle System provides maximum support and protection to the fetlock and lower portion of the leg. It mimics the design of, and therefore reinforces, the ligament it is intended to support.