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Chamberlain's Complete Leather Care Set

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Style #: CLM-1-6-6

  • Complete leather care set
  • 6 piece set
  • #1 Conditions and rejuvenates leather
  • #2 Permeates leather with cleansers
  • #3 Penetrating oils and waxes
  • #4 Cleans and conditions leather
  • #5 Conditions and rejuvenates leather furniture
  • #6 Conditions and protects leather footwear
  • 6 oz bottles
  • Chamberlain's Set
  • CLM-1-6-6

Our kindred spirits own this complete leather care set. For the leather care enthusiast who cleans, conditions, restores and water proofs all their leather items, you can buy together and save! Straight Cleaner offers deep cleansing prowess when your quality leather just needs a little cleaning. Apply any of our leather conditioners after to replenish the leather’s natural oils, restore that supple texture, and give it that healthy glow that leather loves! Leather Care Liniment is our standard conditioner, and Water Protectant offers superior protection and conditioning for leather needing restoration or superior protection against the outdoors. Auto Refreshener, Furniture Treatment, and Boot & Shoe Cream are each optimally flavored for their own respective niche.


Test both and read instructions before use