Bye Bye Odor Concentrate 4 oz

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  • Spalding Labs
  • 4oz concentrate makes 10 quarts of mixed product
  • Microbial solution
  • Reduces or eliminates a wide range of organic odors
  • Microbes break down the urea and other organics that cause unpleasant smells and ammonia build up
  • Appropriate for large and small animal odors, indoors or outdoors
  • 4 oz
  • BBO4

Bye Bye Odor is a natural non-toxic microbial solution especially formulated to substantially reduce or eliminate the ammonia levels from animal urine as well as manure odors. Bye Bye Odor is different than other products on the market because it actually consumes the organics causing the smell and the ammonia. Other leading brands simply soak up urine for removal or try to capture the ammonia vapors. The microbes used in Bye Bye Odor are effective against manure, urine, perspiration and many other funky smells INCLUDING skunk.