Burns Saddlery 14 1/2 Inch 20HDX Chocolate Roughout Barrel Saddle


Style #: BR-3000-145-20-HDX

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  • Burns Saddlery
  • 14 1/2 Inch 20HDX Chocolate Roughout Barrel Saddle
  • 14 1/2 Inch Hard Seat
  • 3 1/4" Tall Horn
  • HDX = Highest rise keeps riders hips rolled back, deep and wide pocket with 4 3/4" cheyenne roll cantle
  • 20 Tree - Standard Quarter Horse Tree
  • Chocolate Rough Out Leather
  • Round Skirt
  • Spinal Relief
  • Aluminum Barrel Stirrups
  • Handmade in Salina, Utah
  • Product Number BR-3000-145-20-HDX

"Elevating life experiences through heirloom quality products created in the Spirit of the West since 1876." ~ Burns Saddlery

The Burns Saddlery presents a remarkable 14 1/2 Inch 20HDX Chocolate Roughout Barrel Saddle, featuring a 14 1/2-inch hard seat and a 3 1/4-inch tall horn. This saddle is equipped with HDX, offering the highest rise to keep riders' hips rolled back, ensuring a deep and wide pocket with a 4 3/4-inch cheyenne roll cantle. The saddle comes with a 20 tree, which is a standard Quarter Horse Tree and is made of chocolate roughout leather with a round skirt. It also includes aluminum barrel stirrups, and it is entirely handmade in Salina, Utah. The product number for this amazing saddle is BR-3000-145-20-HDX.

About Burns Saddlery - Burns Saddlery, headquartered in Salina, Utah, is widely recognized as the world's oldest Western retail business that has been owned by the same family without interruption. In 1876, Miles Lamonie Burns, a hard-working cowboy and a skilled craftsman, established the first Burns retail outlet at the entrance of Capitol Reef, close to Torrey, Utah. The business has been handed down through successive generations, ensuring its long-term preservation and continuity. Currently, Burns continues the legacy of the West by meticulously handcrafting exquisite products for horses and riders that are destined to become cherished heirlooms. Although Burns has undergone six name changes and has been owned by six generations of the same family, the company's heritage, culture, and identity remain deeply rooted in the cowboy way of life.

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