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Bluebonnet Feeds Stride 101 37lb Bucket

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  • Full dose of Kelp meal Supplies 80+ vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Increased levels of Vitamin E to match revised requirements by the National Research Council
  • Anti-Oxidants and Immune System Support
  • Full research proven dose of biotin recommended for strong hoof growth
  • Organic chelated minerals and organic selenium yeast
  • Guranteed live levels of probiotics
  • Guaranteed Active levels of natural digestive enzymes
  • 37lb Bucket - 90 day supply
  • 177554-AD

Equine athletes are stunning in their power and beauty with their images constantly linked in advertising, literature, and legends depicting strength, grace and freedom. Yet human handlers and companions of these amazing animals are faced with the reality of how fragile they truly are. Horsemen are constantly seeking new tools to keep their animals sleek, healthy, happy and performing at their utmost capabilities. The great news is that today’s equine nutrition and preventative health options are burgeoning, as research based microbial products provide real results against the timeless enemies such as colic, ulcers, diarrhea, stress and the loss of “good” microbes due to use of antibiotics.