Black-As-Knight 7lb

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  • Darkens and shines blacks, bays and other dark horse coats
  • Protects against burned orange look on bays and blacks
  • Healthy, fade resistant, gleam
  • Good for hooves, joints, manes and tails
  • Regular formula contains Paprika
  • 7lb
  • BAK7

Black-As-Knight enriches, darkens and shines black, bays and other dark horse coats and is the ultimate coat enhancer for equines .Black-As-Knight protects against that burned orange look on blacks and bays.

Formulated from an all natural combination of healthy oils, seaweeds, spices, and home grown ingredients from Western South Dakota's nutrient rich soils to provide Omegas, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals in the perfect balance for a healthy, fade resistant, gleam on every horse. Black-As-Knight is also good for hooves, joints, manes and tails.

Cheval International offers horse supplements to enrich the coat of every color equine.

This is the REGULAR formula and contains Paprika.