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Bigeloil Poultice Hoof Pad 4/Pack

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  • Easy removal- just take off the quilted wrap and discard
  • Can be used with warm or cold water
  • Specialized fiber paper holds dry poultice mixture
  • Uses traditional poultice ingredients: kaolin clay and Epsom salts
  • Can be used whenever hoof heat, bruising, or general soreness is a concern, or after competition or heavy work
  • Resealable pouch, 4 pads per pouch
  • 427944

Bigeloil Quilted Hoof Pads are the "no-mess" hoof poultice solution, making hoof care quicker and easier.  Unique quilted pockets contain the poultice, allowing for easier, mess-free application and quicker clean-up than traditional poultices.  After the dry poultice pad is activated with water, it stays in place for easy wrapping.

Application is easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Soak poultice for 20 seconds
  2. Apply to hoof
  3. Cover with wrap

No heavy tubs or messy residue