BamTex Bamboo Pro-Roller Straight Cinch

by Mustang
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Style #: BMTX617

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  •  Mustang
  • 27-Strand Bamboo Cinch Cord
  • Double Woven with Leather Sewn Center
  • Stainless Steel Dees
  • Billet Pocket
  • Dual Mustang Pro-Roller Buckles
  • BMTX617

 Mustang's BAMTEX bamboo cinch cord is made from bamboo stalk fibers. This is truly an innovative textile to be used in the Equine industry. Bamboo fiber is not only extremely soft and comfortable; it is the strongest cinch cord available. The BAMTEX cinch will stay in place and not stretch out after use. BAMTEX cinch cord has several advantages and simply put it's better.