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Advance Kid Milk Replacer

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    • Manna Pro
    • All-Milk Protein Milk Replacer for Goat Kids
    • All-milk proteins for maximum growth
    • Acidified for improved kid performance and reduced incidence of scours
    • Emulsified fats and oils for optimal fat digestibility
    • Added vitamins and minerals for optimum growth
    • Added colostrum to enhance gut health
    • 3.5 lbs.
    • Also available in 8 lb -
    • 1000344

    Kid Milk Replacer provides the entire nutritional requirements for baby goats from their second day of life through weaning.

    Feeding Directions

    Mix at the rate of 1½ lb powder per gallon of water [3 oz (by weight) of powder per pint of water].


    Warm Restricted Feeding: Mix powder in 1/2 quantity of water at 120° F and then dilute to volume and feed at 98° F. For the first few days, feed a limited quantity (maximum of 1 pint) per feeding up to 3 to 4 times per day. Best results are achieved feeding milk warm (98° F).

    Cold Ad-Libitum Feeding: Mix powder in 1/3 quantity of water at 120° F and then dilute to volume and feed at room temperature. This method works well for raising larger groups of kids that have been removed from the mother soon after birth. It is the recommended system when a number of kids are being taken away, as with a milking herd.


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