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ADM Optimizer 20 All-Stock Tub 200 lb

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  • ADM
  • 20% Protien
  • 4% Fat
  • Not More than 7% Fiber
  • 56244AAA6M

 Designed for free-choice feeding to goats and/or beef cattle on pasture or fed roughage rations

Provides high-quality protein, essential macro and trace minerals along with vitamins A, D and E

Supplies needed protein for growth, maintenance of body condition, sound reproductive performance and milk production

Highly available hydroxy copper to help build a healthy immune response and to facilitate hoof health

Patented form of cobalt to enhance fiber digestion

Selenium and vitamin E to help deter white muscle disease; needed for immune system function and reproductive efficiency

Vitamin A for positive impact on respiratory health and may help deter parasites

0.25-0.75 lb per head daily suggested consumption rate