4 Counties: The Last Bus to Balmorhea

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  • James Wayland Long
  • Second Installment
  • 978-1-62660-105-5

The second installment in the three book franchise from ground-gaining author James Wayland Long uses the cooler North Texas breeze and explosive fall Texas sunsets as its launching season. Balmorhea, as Long affectionately calls his sequel, has been received better than his first by a few blessed early review readers. Followers of the ever-growing cult-like story get to meet and hang out with Fort Worth gangster lawyer Claude Barclay and watch Kenny Wayne try to beat back the past for the one he loves the most, his Adriana. A new cast of characters adds to Long’s use of local flavor and flair as 4 Counties… The Last Bus to Balmorhea let’s Long flex some literary muscle, playing a little “mental warfare” with his readers, as well as taking his fans to a darker place in his mind, laced with Rio Grande flavored mayhem and an unsuspecting savior that takes his turn at the trigger.