Western Saddle Blankets

Welcome to our popular collection of Western saddle blankets for horses. As the premier destination for all things Western, we’re proud to offer a stylish array of finely woven and wool horse saddle blankets ranging from vibrant green, blue, and turquoise saddle blankets to classic blank, tan, cream, and burgundy saddle blanket designs. Combining expertly crafted and uniquely durable fabrics with eye-catching designs, browse our entire collection of saddle blankets for sale below, and pair your purchase with one of our premium Western saddles.

Stylish, Finely-Crafted Western Horse Saddle Blankets For Every Rider

NRS is proud to be America’s most trusted provider of finely crafted Western horse saddle blankets. Our exceptional saddle blanket collection combines industry-leading craftsmanship and material quality with attractive colors and designs, resulting in woven and wool saddle blankets that are as durable and protective as they are stylish and original. So whether you’re searching for one-of-a-kind green, blue, or turquoise saddle blankets or a more classic style, NRS has a quality option available for every rider.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saddle Blankets

What is a Saddle Blanket Used For?

A saddle blanket is a woven or wool blanket placed directly on a horse’s back and underneath a saddle to provide a thin layer of comfortable cushioning for the horse. Additionally, saddle blankets absorb sweat and dirt, which helps keep the underside of a saddle clean and maintained.

How to Measure a Saddle Blanket?

Sizing a saddle blanket to your horse requires you to measure the length of your saddle and then add 2 to 3 inches to that measured length. It’s recommended that several inches of your saddle blanket stretch beyond the edges of your saddle. Conventionally, horse saddle blankets are distinguished from blankets for other animal types and offered in common sizes such as 32” x 64”.

How to Wash Saddle Blankets?

To properly wash saddle blankets you will need to first loosen dirt, hair, and sweat by firmly, but not too vigorously, scrubbing your saddle blanket in circular motions with a curry comb. This process will loosen up the dirt and allow you to remove dirt and hair with a vacuum that has a hose attachment. Next, without clipping or clamping your saddle blanket (which can distort its shape when water enters the picture), spray your blanket with a garden hose that has a sprayer attachment in an outward direction toward the outer edges of your blanket. Be careful not to spray your blanket at a direct angle and once you’re finished spraying, air-dry your saddle blanket over a saddle rack or fence rail.