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Classic Ropes Collection

Innovation and leadership are at the core of Classic Rope’s DNA. Since 1986, Classic Rope has pursued to technologically advance the team rope to improve quality, feel, and performance, helping ropers compete and reach their greatest potential.

Classic Rope starts by formulating their own string from raw materials. The finished string is proprietary and used to make your favorite Classic Rope. The ropes are individually made to order using the latest blends of high tech nylon and polyester fibers. Classic takes great pride in their superior craftsmanship and competitive edge their ropes offer the athletes that use them. Innovation is a catalyst for improving the way Classic does business and an opportunity that’s been integrated with every phase of their rope production process.

Classic is committed to making the sport better for all ropers with investments in associations, events, and clinics to spur positive changes and advancements benefiting ropers around the globe.