American Hat Company

For over 100 years, American Hat Company has been committed to producing some of the finest handmade cowboy hats in the world. Explore our collection of American hats from the American Hat Company. We have a variety of styles that match perfectly with any Western outfit including American Hat Company straw hats. Each one of the hand-woven straw hats is put through a rigorous inspection process before it is shipped. The American Straw hats are double lacquered and double pressed, while the felts are hand finished, making them one of the most durable hat on the market. Purchase American Hat Co. straw hats today from NRS World, your trusted source for all things Western.



Get Quality American Hat Co. Hats from NRS

American Hat Co. has been hand-making cowboy hats for over 100 years. With our wide selection of American cowboy hats and straw hats, you will find the best hat and experience the craftsmanship that they have been producing for so many years. All of these American straw hats are hand-woven, and you can get them here at NRS.

Frequently Asked Questions About American Hats

Who Owns the American Hat Company?

Susan Maddox is the current owner and they are located in Bowie, TX.

When Was American Hat Co. Founded?

1915. The first hat store was opened in 1915 on Main Street in Houston, TX by Sam Silver.

Where Are American Hat Company Hats Made?

American Hats are handmade in Bowie, TX.

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